Search music fast and easy using @commands!

Our extension allows Mozilla Firefox users to find music on separately selected audio streaming services using the browser’s default address bar.


Music Finder supports


Youtube Music

Amazon Music

Apple Music


And More...

About our extension

Adding Music Finder to Mozilla Firefox you will be able to use special commands in searching requests to find tracks on Youtube Music, Spotify, Apple Music and other popular music services during the common web search. Our extension is the simplest way to get in a result list only links for pages you are interested in.

How it works

1. Add the extension to your Firefox browser

2. Bind the text command for each available music service

3. Type the command into the search panel of your Firefox browser

4. Get the desired results from selected streaming platforms

5. Enjoy the music you love

Frequently asked questions

1 . How does it work?

Music Finder is a quick way to search your favorite music platforms using Yahoo search.By default, Yahoo is a web browser, but Music Finder users can easily use it to directly search specific music platforms by entering a short command into the search bar.

2 .Why has my default search engine changed?

In order to Music Finder will work and support music command search from the address bar, the extension needs to override your browser’s default search engine and change it to Yahoo to supports this features

3 . Can I change my default search engine and still enjoy Music Finder function?

No! This features work on Yahoo search.

4 .Is this extension free?

Yes, it is a free extension in the Firefox Store.

5 .How do you make money?

The default search engine we offer to our users is one of the top search engines in the world. We get the payment as an affiliate partner when our users use this search engine. For more information, please read our Privacy Policy.

6 .How can I disable or uninstall?

if you want to disable or remove the extension, please see the instructions on the Uninstall page.